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  • Chasing Ice
    Chasing Ice
  • Wild Blue
    Wild Blue
  • Spike TV
    Spike TV
  • Visit Denver
    Visit Denver
  • The Selling
    The Selling
  • One World, One Day
    One World, One Day
  • Vail White
    Vail White
  • Vail Blue
    Vail Blue
  • Boulder Boulder
    Boulder Boulder
  • You Can
    You Can
  • Beaver Creek
    Beaver Creek
  • Activision Skylanders
    Activision Skylanders
  • Hasbro Bopit Smash iPhone
    Hasbro Bopit Smash iPhone
  • Gander Mountain
    Gander Mountain
  • Shark Week
    Shark Week
  • Clash of the Titans
    Clash of the Titans
  • My Pet Zombie
    My Pet Zombie
  • Searcher 360 U.S. ARMY
    Searcher 360 U.S. ARMY
  • Medamorphis Medical Training App
    Medamorphis Medical
  • Exo's Discovery NASA
    Exo's Discovery NASA

About Bloom

Bloom was founded in 2007 by veteran animator/film maker Adrian Bishop.

We focus on the work that excites us the most. We are thrilled to make graphics and FX for film and commercials, games, apps, and cartoons. The media landscape continues to shift and we love taking on new challenges.

Some of Our Clients

US Army
US Army
US Army

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