On the set of Phase Me Up. A sci-fi film project involving 41 VFX shots.



3D Animation

2D Animated Characters

Compositing / Finishing


VFX on set supervision

Motion Graphics

Concepting / Writing

Story Boarding

At Bloom we work with our clients from concept to finished video and everywhere in between. We’ve become a trusted partner, working for many of our clients for years and love to jump in from the initial inception of a film or video idea. But we’re just as comfortable taking on a piece of the pipeline.

We have a team of talented artists that we bring to your project. Whether you want a world class 2D hand animated cartoon, or a full 3D world, we have great specialists ready to go to work designing, painting, story boarding, modeling, rigging, lighting, animating, rotoscoping, compositing, directing and producing.




Story Board


Animatic / Tests

Full Color


Color Correction



Some of our clients have been working with us for years. Some are new to video and animation production. We’re happy to guide you through the process and take great care of your project and your clients the whole way.

We begin by discerning the best possible solution to the communication goals. Whether its inspiring a generation or informing a constituency we offer our experience and guidance from concept forward.

The creation of a Blue Bear.